About Jeff:
"I was a shy kid. At least in public.
In private, imagined tales of Jedi, Masters of the Universe, and Transformers permeated my play. Sticks became swords, hidden clearings in the woods morphed into castles, and becoming real life Goonies was a constant goal for me and my friends.
All of that private play turned public in the 10th grade, when I overcame my fear, took a drama class, and discovered Shakespeare. I fell in love with the stage and the worlds that were created there. It wasn’t about being In front of people (that was still scary), but it was about becoming someone else and telling stories for and with other people. By the end of a show, those strangers didn’t feel like strangers any longer, and I found that living in a world where you create other worlds felt like home."

Latest Acting News/Projects:
• Jeff will be performing in The Metzler New Works Festival

• Jeff recently performed in A Texas Carol  at the A.D. Players Theatre.
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